Marquette Astronomical Society

See The Wonders of the Universe from Northern Michigan

Fall Public Observing Session Oct. 8th

MAS will celebrate the International "Observe The Moon" night on Oct. 8th (Sat.) from 8:30 to 10:30pm at the Presque Isle Park, near the pavilion. Scope will be setup and MAS members will point their scope not only at the Moon but also some planets and stars. We are ending at 10:30pm because the park gate closes at 11pm. All are welcome. The "Library Loaner scope" will be there to  see.

Telescope Library Loan Program Talk

Larry will give a talk at the Peter White Public Library on Dec. 13th at 7PM. The public will learn about the program..,how to barrow the scope, see the scope, how to use the scope and other details. Anyone interesting in borrowing he scope is urged to attend. The scope can be loaned out one week at a time. If no one is waiting to barrow the scope, patrons can barrow it for another week. A late fine system will be established. Their will also be quarterly astronomy talks thru out the year as well as public observing session on the west side of Presque Isle Park. TBA.

Lunar Observing Talk Mar. 15th

Part of our library scope loan program at Peter White Public Library is to give at least 4 astronomical talks @ year. March 15th Scott Stobbelaar will give a talk on Lunar Observing in the Community Room at 7pm. All are invited. Topics covered: phases, observing features (Maria, craters, rilles, grabens)..,when to look, where to look...,what you can expect to see when observing the Moon thru a moderately size scope with emphasis on the 4" loan scope.


MAS Given a One Month Trial for Dark Sky Park-Oct. 2017

The Presque Isle Park Advisory committee and the City Recreational Committee have both approved a one month trial for the MAS Dark Sky Park at Presque Isle Park in south MQT. Fri & Sat. night in Oct. the park (just to the pavilion) will be open to the public for telescope observing until 1am.  MAS members will provide scopes and education on sky objects. 

Happy New Year!

MAS is looking forward to the new year of 2018. Hopefully this is the year that our Dark Sky Park at Presque Isle in MQT, MI becomes permanent.

Spring Observing

MAS met out at Lakenenland Sculpture Park on M-28 East. onSunday night, May 13th. 4 member showed up with their scope. Skies were prefect. Calm winds. Venus in west setting, Jupiter at its brightest rose at sunset (9:15pm). Our 10" Go To scope worked beautifully. Use the "Night Tour" selection on keypad to see many galaxies, nebulae. Next activity will be going up to Bay Cliff Health Camp next week to set up scope for MQT schools staying up there for the week.